Diesel Generator Sets

As a source of continuous or prime power, diesel gensets have historically been the leading baseload distributed generation technology, particularly during power blackouts.  End use applications for generators include industrial plants, manufacturing, construction, chemical applications, petrochemicals, agriculture, automotive, mining, oil and natural gas, telecommunication and healthcare.

New Tier 4 Standards require either a modification of existing diesel engines or a paradigm shift where diesel is replaced with an alternative fuel such as DME. Conventional diesel generator suppliers have met that challenge by adding selective catalytic reduction systems using urea, regenerative metallic particulate filters, improved NOx catalysts, exhaust gas recirculation and computer controlled compliance systems.  These modifications create complex, costly and inefficient systems to support the new air standards.

There is a much better way. At ChemBioPower, our approach is to simplify the engine and change the fuel.  Converting a non-compliant generator to using DME will cost less than installing the new anti-pollution systems, while improving engine performance & efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions