Founded in 2013, ChemBioPower has developed a better way to maximize fuel and power production from North America's abundant natural gas reserves.

The ChemBioPower process is environmentally friendly, with a very low carbon footprint. We will use advanced computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer technology that will not only produce dimethyl ether, but will develop the enabling technology for both power and heating applications.

DME is a clean-burning, high-density liquid fuel that can be used as a direct replacement for diesel fuel in power generation, transportation, heating, marine, and a wide variety of other applications.

The Future

ChemBioPower's initial efforts will be focused on enabling the use of DME as the preferred diesel fuel alternative for the diesel generator ("genset") market, a key technology for global electricity production. Longer term, ChemBioPower will expand its focus to capitalize on the huge opportunities for DME as an alternative fuel. With low cost natural gas, methanol and biomass, the Company will produce DME efficiently and develop supporting technologies.

ChemBioPower is a new company that will be a center of excellence and the leader of the DME industry by deploying a network of 10 plants that will produce DME, and supply DME enabling technology. ChemBioPower will begin operations in Alberta by 2016 and the New York Tri-State Area by 2017.  The company is also currently evaluating several opportunities in global markets outside of North America.

The company’s polygeneration plants will also possess the additional capability of producing dimethyl carbonate (DMC). DMC is a chemical reagent that serves as the backbone of the growing field of green chemistry and is an excellent octane enhancer.