How We Get It To Work

ChemBioPower, using advanced computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer technology will not only produce dimethyl ether, but will develop the enabling technology for both power and heating applications. The Company’s initial efforts will be focused on the diesel generator sector, a key technology for global electricity production.  Longer-term, ChemBioPower will expand its focus to capitalize on the huge opportunities for DME as an alternative fuel for transportation, heating, marine and a wide variety of other applications.

The ChemBioPower business model makes the transition from diesel fuel to DME a relatively simple process by providing a turnkey solution. The company will produce, distribute and enable the use of dimethyl ether in critical global markets where there is clear price and environmental advantage. ChemBioPower will:

  • Produce Dimethyl Ether: Initially, the Company will construct a single 12,000 tonne per year DME plant to supply a fleet of DME powered generator sets delivering total of 6 megawatts to customer locations.
  • Deliver Dimethyl Ether: ChemBioPower will partner with global propane trucking and shipping companies to deliver DME to generators using ISO containers leveraging the existing global propane infrastructure.
  • Enable Dimethyl Ether: ChemBioPower will develop a set of diesel to DME conversion kits which will take Tier 1 through 3 power generation sets up to Tier 4+ standards. Longer term, the Company will also develop enabling technology for a wider range of applications, including the use of DME as a heavy truck and marine fuel.