As of January 1, 2015 all diesel generator sets in the US, Canada and EU Europe must be Tier 4 Certified. In other words, diesel powered gensets must operate with the same stringent emission regulations that on-road vehicles currently comply with. Next year, world-wide, any generator used near or in a marine environment must be compliant according to the MARPOL Annex VI convention on January 2016.

It's a new world for users of generator sets. As the Cummins website states:
"In 2015, the EPA’s Tier 4 Final standard will come into effect, essentially reducing emissions limits to the minimum of the EPA’s proposed reductions. Unlike Tier 2 certification, which allows for only emergency standby power use, the Tier 4 standards enable genset owners to operate as they see fit for multiple non-emergency purposes"

Conventional generator suppliers have met that challenge by adding selective catalytic reduction systems using urea, regenerative metallic particulate filters, improved NOx catalysts, exhaust gas recirculation and computer controlled compliance systems. If any of those new pollution control systems fail, the generators set will shut down until fully serviced. Currently, generator suppliers assume they are stuck with diesel, so they must create complex, costly and inefficient systems to support the new air standards.

There is a much better way. At ChemBioPower, our approach is to simplify the engine and change the fuel. Converting a non-compliant generator to using Dimethyl Ether will cost less than installing the new anti-pollution systems, while improving engine performance & efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions and eliminating any need for Middle East oil. Moreover, our approach depends on the optimization of existing technology using computational fluid dynamics, not on nanotechnology, limited production materials that remain lab bound, over-hyped electrochemical systems or any other "future tech". Our customers will be rewarded with a unique "system" composed via the skillful integration of existing technologies that leads to immediate solutions.