ChemBioPower has developed a set of integrated thermal processes that use natural gas and biomass as feedstock for DME production and electrical power generation. The ChemBioPower process leverages recent technological advances in materials and catalysts. Methanol is co-converted to dimethyl ether (DME) and separated. Additionally, any excess CO and methanol can be processed into DME via recycling. The DME production consists of the four parts that include:

  1. Syngas production from natural gas, biogas or biomass gassification,
  2. Absorbing CO2 during syngas production,
  3. DME synthesis via methanol and syngas and
  4. DME separation and purification.

The ChemBioPower system tightly integrates power and chemical production, thereby maximizing energy use and reducing thermal losses. DME can be stored and distributed using North America’s existing robust propane infrastructure.